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Introducing “Soulful Ground”

Welcome to my new blog, Soulful Ground.

The name is a reflection of how I try to live my life, “soulfully”, as in, living from my Soul, guided by my heart, my spirit, my authentic self, as you may choose to call it. It has taken me a while to find this way of being, or to know it was even an option, and it is by no means an end point, but a daily practice. I am not always living from that place, as much as I’d like to, but at least having the awareness that it is possible, and having the tools to get back on track, keeps me more in alignment with that goal.

The other half, the “ground”, is living at the same time with a clear awareness of the practicalities of life, the fact that as “spiritual beings having a human experience”, we do indeed have to navigate that human, experiential, part.

Being ”grounded” is very much who I am. Partly it’s my upbringing, from a very left-brained family including a surgeon father, a nursing-trained mother, and a mathematician, a lawyer, and insurance consultant and an auto-parts worker as brothers. Indeed I did my own stint as a lawyer, doing what I thought “made sense” in terms of my early expectations of life in this environment. But it didn’t last long, and the soul-yearning for something that fed my heart and creativity took hold.

Photography was an occupation, not really a passion, but a creative outlet for sure, for many years. Showing others the beauty of this world is a wonderful thing and this blog will feature some of the beautiful things I see and experience from time to time in my daily life. Photography is a place where my vision and creativity connect with the earth, as most of what I shoot these days involves my garden (which is more my passion) or the woods behind our house.

But my soul yearning took me beyond photography,  to wanting to make some other kind of contribution, and as I have grown and changed and learned more about human nature over the years, my desire to help others navigate the sometimes confusing and tumultuous currents in the river of life has taken precedence. So I have been studying and continue to study, various healing and coaching modalities that help me help others.

That work primarily involves Soul Coaching® at the moment, although I am adding other life coaching skills as I go. And that work reflects the notion of “Soulful Ground” too in that part of it is helping people reconnect to the lost sense of spirit inside, or even to the idea of spirit guides or other beings in the ethereal realms, who may be called upon for assistance, but with some very practical tools and a very grounded perspective.

Ultimately, whether anyone believes in the existence of such external spirits or not, what I really aim to do is connect people with a sense of their own soul, with a knowing and understanding that there is a depth of inner wisdom in each of us that we often do not recognize is there or perhaps refuse to hear. It is our Soul’s knowing, something deeper, wiser and truer to our essence than we are conscious of in our often-challenged lives.

So this blog will be sometimes about my work in that regard or ideas and information related to that and also to feng shui, another branch of my work, which is all about energy and beauty and creating space for your soul to thrive.

But likely this blog will be more about my daily musings inspired by some ordinary event, that brings me to a connection with that soul part, something magical perhaps, or a moment of grace, or just those moments of pure presence and gratitude springing from the seemingly mundane. And maybe I’ll share those times when things have gone off the rails and I’m left wondering where the grace is in all of this, and scratching my head as to why my soul isn’t speaking up louder to explain it all to me.

And no doubt, especially in the summer gardening season, I’ll tell you stories about our little lavender hobby farm, about the bees in our hives and how they are doing, or about the various plants, or some cute (or bad) thing the dogs did, or about our little flock of chickens, or some amazing food experience, and so on. Complete with photos of course.

PS: I am still figuring out this new WordPress site, so apologies if I don’t get to comments or figure out how to edit the About section right away!

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